About MoM

I am a self-taught maker, passionate about creating something out of nothing with my own bare hands. Working with found items, recycled, and reclaimed materials, and turning them into wearable art is the heart and soul of my little  venture.

I love and respect our Mother Earth, so I do what I can to keep her beautiful and keep things out of our landfills. You will find something re-used, re-claimed, or recycled in EVERY piece I make. I can't even begin to express the joy that comes from creating with intention, turning what some call “old junk” into a work of wearable art.

Creating has always been my therapy. I have dabbled in fibre arts, woodworking, drawing, painting, and many other art forms throughout my life. When I started looking at all the little collections of stones, beach glass, and other found objects, Mother of Metal was born. I had found my niche with some 50 feet of old 220 wiring I had disconnected in my house and the bounty of Bay of Fundy treasures I had gathered over the years! I can’t tell you how many miles of wire I have stripped with my trusty jack-knife! 

I am a mother of two beautiful, talented human beings who have been my inspiration and reason to keep on going when the going got tough. Although married twice, I have essentially been a happily single mother for over 30 years. Following the breakdown of my second marriage and coping with chronic pain and cardiac health issues, I found myself also struggling with my mental health and that battle with depression and anxiety continues today.

In 2012 I officially left the corporate world, where I had been a successful manager of people and businesses. Burned out, physically and mentally, no longer able to function in “normal business life”, I was forced to create a life that made sense, was good for my health, and nourished my soul. And I am so freaking glad the universe unfolded as it was meant to.

Determined to live a life on my terms, operating from a place of love, and creating with intention have given my life real purpose and deep meaning. I share that with every piece I create, a little bit of my soul goes into each one. I hope they touch your heart too.