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Bay of Fundy Quartz Pendant

Bay of Fundy Quartz Pendant

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This quartz pendant measures 1.5" long and 1" wide and is captured using the Tiffany soft solder method. It has been patinated and sealed. The stone comes from my personally hand-picked and tumbled collection from the beautiful Bay of Fundy.  

Quartz is said to be a stone of clarity and innocence. It can help dispel the negative and heighten intuition. Carry it for good luck.

It is a great choice for wayward Maritimers that just need to have a piece of the Bay of Fundy close to home, or those looking for a mindfulness talisman. What it lacks in vibrancy it makes up for in function! It is captured using the Tiffany method and can function as a pendant, keychain fob, or rear-view mirror dangle. 



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