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Lemurian Quartz and Green Apatite Pendant

Lemurian Quartz and Green Apatite Pendant

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This raw Lemurian point has great clarity and its ladders are easily seen and felt. The gemmy green apatite is a gorgeous little raw point that displays colourful flashy rainbows, and sits in beautiful compliment to the Lemurian. These two outstanding gems are wrapped in reclaimed copper, patinated and sealed. This pendant measures 2.25" tall by .75" wide.  This stunning pendant would look equally fantastic hanging from a reclaimed leather braid or a copper ball chain, whichever suits your talisman style!

Lemurian quartz is said to aid in meditation and visionary experiences, activate the brain, and open one to receiving inner guidance and inspiration. It is believed to help in accessing higher consciousness, connecting with spirit guides, and promoting emotional and spiritual healing. 

Green apatite is said to help with emotional healing by promoting a sense of calm and tranquility. It is believed to assist in releasing emotional blockages and reducing stress.Some people use green apatite to increase their energy levels and vitality. It is thought to balance the body's energy and encourage a sense of well-being.  It is associated with enhancing communication and creativity and may help individuals express themselves more effectively and tap into their creative potential.

Copper is the great conductor and the metal of the magician. It amplifies the energies of the stones it accompanies. It is excellent for channelling as well as grounding, thus considered the conduit between heaven and earth. Copper has long been used to aid tissue repair, blood support, and increase vitality. The larger gauges of copper used in my pieces have been reclaimed from castaway wiring, supporting my eco-friendly mission; "Jewelry with a re-purpose!".

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