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Raw Blue Kyanite and Reclaimed Copper Pendant

Raw Blue Kyanite and Reclaimed Copper Pendant

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This raw blue kyanite blade is embraced by a heavy gauge of reclaimed copper. At 1.75" tall and .75" wide, it's a perfect unisex piece that works with a range of styles and occasions. Choose a reclaimed leather braid or a copper ball chain to hang it from for that industrial look.

Blue kyanite encourages strong spiritual connections and can open psychic channels. It resonates with all chakras, particularly the Third Eye and Throat. Blue kyanite is said to soothe the nervous system, aid communication, sharpen dream recall and access higher consciousness.

Copper amplifies stone energies and is thought of as a conduit between the heavens and earth. It has been used to promote tissue repair, blood flow and vitality. The copper used in this piece is salvaged from castaway wiring and supports my commitment to an eco-friendly mission: "Jewelry with a re-purpose!".


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