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Raw Blue Quartz Pendant

Raw Blue Quartz Pendant

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This interesting slice of raw blue quartz is wrapped in reclaimed copper to amplify its chill! The pendant measures 2" tall and 1" wide, and the simple wrap leaves as much of the stone exposed as possible and makes it a great unisex piece. A reclaimed leather braid or copper ball chain would be a great addition, depending on your personal style!

Blue quartz, often used for its calming and soothing properties is believed to help reduce stress and anxiety. This crystal is associated with the throat chakra, thus enhancing communication and clarity of thought helping one express themselves more effectively and make better decisions. 

Copper is the great conductor and the metal of the magician. It amplifies the energies of the stones it accompanies. It is excellent for channelling as well as grounding, thus considered the conduit between heaven and earth. Copper has long been used to aid tissue repair, blood support, and increase vitality. The larger gauges of copper used in my pieces have been reclaimed from castaway wiring, supporting my eco-friendly mission; "Jewelry with a re-purpose!".

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