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Mother Of Metal

Spiral Goddess Pendulum

Spiral Goddess Pendulum

This 11" Goddess Pendulum is crafted with a special intention in mind. Hand-planished from reclaimed copper, its chain is handmade using rosary links and seed beads. To complete the design, a 13mm Prehnite bead is added. Each material and shape chosen is said to carry a special energy, one that practitioners can connect with and use to bolster their practice. Prehnite is said to deepen meditation and spiritual awareness, allowing one to connect with their inner self and spiritual guides. Green Aventurine, often associated with the heart chakra, is believed to bring emotional balance, love, compassion, and self-acceptance while ensuring good luck, abundance, and prosperity. 

 The Spiral Goddess is a symbol of feminine power, fertility, life cycles, celebration, and surrender. She is a visual reminder for women everywhere that the unique energy they hold within is not something to be feared or hidden in shame, but something to be welcomed with open arms and a willingness to let it mould and transform them into a different version of themselves.

Spirals represent the constant evolution of nature and life. The lines symbolize progress and constant motion illustrating the natural function of human beings to evolve, grow, and change with the passing of time.

Copper is the great conductor and the metal of the magician. It amplifies the energies of the stones it accompanies. It is excellent for channelling as well as grounding, thus considered the conduit between heaven and earth. Copper has long been used to aid tissue repair, blood support, and increase vitality. The larger gauges of copper used in my pieces have been reclaimed from castaway wiring, supporting my eco-friendly mission; "Jewelry with a re-purpose!". 

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