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Natural Sunstone Pendant

Natural Sunstone Pendant

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 With its shimmering play of light and captivating colour, this piece is a radiant addition to any collection! This reversible pendant measures 1.75" tall by 1" wide and is wrapped in fine copper weave. It has been patinated and sealed. 

This exquisite natural gemstone reflects the gentle hues of the sunrise, evoking feelings of passion and vitality. Sunstone is associated with warmth, energy, and abundance. It is often considered a stone of leadership, personal power, and creativity. Some people believe that it can boost one's self-esteem and encourage a positive attitude. Sunstone is believed to help activate and balance the sacral chakra, promoting a sense of well-being, creativity, and emotional harmony.

Copper is the great conductor and the metal of the magician. It amplifies the energies of the stones it accompanies. It is excellent for channelling and grounding, thus considered the conduit between heaven and earth. Copper has long been used to aid tissue repair, blood support, and increase vitality. The larger gauges of copper used in my pieces have been reclaimed from castaway wiring, supporting my eco-friendly mission; "Jewelry with a re-purpose!". 

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