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Wired, Fired, & Stoned

The Power of Three Open Arca

The Power of Three Open Arca

An arca, by definition, is a chest or strongbox used in ancient times as a receptacle for money or valuables. Our version is open and can stand alone or be hung on a wall. It is a perfect spot to place your favourite crystals, or personal treasures, or light a ceremonial candle. This handcrafted open arca is fired using the traditional Raku process. Designed for numerological and magical purposes, the Power of Three creates an open portal for meaningful connections.

Three is one of the most spiritual and magical numbers in existence. In fact, for centuries, it has long been considered the most ‘perfect’ number because of its link to the heavens, earth, and oceans.

It not only represents creativity, harmony, and life-changing transformation, but it also signals the manifestation of positive changes, divine blessings, and good fortune in your life. It is human as body, soul and spirit and represents perfect balance. Many "threes" are expressed in this collaborative piece by Log Cabin Lucy Pottery and Mother of Metal. Can you find them all?

The pottery is raku fired by Log Cabin Lucy Pottery. The metal embellishments by Mother of Metal are a form of soft soldering known as the Tiffany Method. 

The Arca measures 12.25 inches tall, and 6.5 inches wide and weighs 28.1 ounces. The top shelf measures 4.5 inches wide. The space between the shelves measures 3.75 inches. 


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